Digital Edge offers production & post-production in stunning 4K resolution or industry standard HD! Whether you’re an individual, professional, startup or established business looking for a bold, fresh new look for your product or service, we’ve got you artfully covered!



Let us create your next :30 or :60 commercial and watch your business soar!



Need a promo or sizzle reel to raise awareness of your product or service? It’s our specialty!


Business Profiles

Every business should have a compelling, professional video profile highlighting their cause.


Independent Movie Production

Ever dreamed of turning your story into a feature film? It’s now within reach!



We’ll capture the “gold” and turn it into a masterpiece for you or your client.


Aerial Drone Coverage

Need that special shot from above? We’ll take your production to new heights!


Red Carpet Coverage

Red carpet celebrity interviews or commercial grand openings…in a flash!


Live Events

Having 2 decades of experience filming live events, we’ll nail it for you when “Do-Overs” are not possible.


Training Videos

Need to show them how it works? We excel in producing exciting & informative training videos!

“Rob at Digital Edge is by far the most talented Videographer I have ever worked with in my career. His interpretation, composition and feeling on how a video should look is simply breathtaking…If you want excellence in Video Production or photography, look through the lens @ Digital Edge Media Group, you’ll love what you see!”

– Tim L. – Producer & Owner / New Horizon Studios & Swing Drummer / Donny & Marie Show


Wanna Know More?

Much of what we create for our valued clients is customized work that is tailored to their specific needs. No two projects are identical, so we take great care in assessing your specific production needs and then create a fair & honest quote based on a mixture of elements such as hard costs, labor allotment & intellectual creativity. We take great pride in offering high level results for a fair & honest fee that is based on the value of our 30+ years of industry expertise.

Having worked in some of the most beautifully appointed venues to aircraft hangars, surgical rooms, open desert and beyond, we’ve pretty much experienced the gamut. This is why we always perform a location scout of any unknown territory ahead of time. We’ll assess the conditions and suggest what lighting or changes need to take place in order to capture the best footage possible.

While we’re performing the location scout, we’ll simultaneously assess the sonic nature of the venue and make adjustments necessary to achieve the best sound possible. Whether it’s patching into an existing sound console & placing mics on the talent or placing strategic ambient sound recorders around the audience, we’ll do what it takes.

In short, whatever camera is best for the job! Unlike the old days of 1 camera-fits-all, we’ll use the best one for the right circumstance. Whether it’s an ultra high mega-pixel landscape panorama or a filmic 4K commercial, we’ll use the correct tool for the job. And rest assured, we only use the best because we want the best for you!

It all depends on the amount of media captured. We prefer transferring the media electronically if possible. It affords many people convenient access without having to pass the hard drive around. However many jobs still require a hard drive due to the sheer amount of data. So in this case, the footage is transferred to the client’s drive and is shipped accordingly.

In most cases, our clients hire us to edit the material that we shoot. The benefits are numerous. First, we are familiar with the footage and know it inside & out. This allows us to quickly sync multiple cameras, find the best moments or perhaps even fix an occasional issue when the venue mistakenly cuts your audio feed and we have to switch to the audio backup channel. Moreover, we have all the professional tools at our fingertips to make your product look the best it can be! However, we realize that nowadays, many clients have an in-house media person that will edit their footage back at home. In this case, we’ll simply transfer the media to your hard drive and ship it out to you.